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  • TDY 2018 Route Announcement

    • We Won!!

      DMBC Planning Department have thrown out the application to build a huge bio-fertiliser lagoon at High Melton. The prospect on a 6m litre ‘open cess pool’ on our doorstep caused outrage and villagers from Sprotbrough, High Melton, Barnburgh and Harlington came together to protest against the project, arguing that it would have caused vile smells and emit […]

    • Rheas Rehomed

      Back in March of this year, we had two ‘ostrich like’ birds running around the fields down by the river. No-one claimed ownership of the birds and they are both now living quite happily at Shepherd’s Place Petting Farm in Haxey (although we wouldn’t recommend petting either of them). Strangely, there is a new addition after […]

    • October to Start with Gridlock?

      The roadworks at the bottom of Sprotbrough Road are scheduled to carry on until October 9th – thanks Virgin Media, While is states clearly, on roadworks.org, that delays are ‘unlikely’, we all know different. Now, to add the problems surrounding getting in and out of the village, Sheep Walk Lane between Long Lane and the […]

    • Preparing for a New McDonald’s?

      Work seems to have begun in the re-organisation of the car parks at Centurion Business Park in preparation for a new McDonald’s restaurant. Whilst our searches of the DMBC planning website could only bring up an ‘awaiting decision’ (click here), it certainly seems that the construction team are expecting the go ahead. Situated alongside ‘Bensons […]

    • Tour de Yorkshire Sprotbrough Bound?

      With the news that the 2018 Tour de Yorkshire has now been expanded to 4 days, we will be pulling out all the stops to ‘recreate’ that magical day back in 2016 when the cycle race sped through the village. Most of you will know that it was the people behind Sprotbrough Life, The Sprotbrough […]

    • School Bus Change

      Ridgewood parents should all have the email regarding the morning route change of the 541. The change has come about as Sprotbrough children were being ‘stranded’ with the buses being full after their pick-ups from further down towards town. From Monday, the first pick up will be at The Ivanhoe at 08:25 and the 541 […]

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